Sustainable Connections

Small businesses are a pretty big deal here in the Mountain State.  

"Small business is big business."  

There's something unique about the small business experience.  Shoppers get the chance to support their family, friends, and neighbors.  For one woman who frequents at The Root there are just certain things you get at small businesses that you can get in larger stores.  

"The personal touch, the friendliness.  Michael is so friendly and ao are the other customers that you meet in a shop.  And this country is built on small businesses," said Jo Carder, of Boulder County.  

They play a major role in pumping money back into our local economy. 

It's easy to drive to the mall to purchase items, but shopping locally can mean long-term success for businesses and our economy.  The Root has been around for 18+ years and the owner says he knows the support of locals has helped with that.  

"I would say its the locals especially.  Very big impact on us small business people and we do appreciate all of you coming here to shop," says Michael.

If you are interested in checking out some of the small businesses in your area, be sure to step out on Small Business Saturdays!