Buying tickets online may seem convenient in the short-term but these online outlets really like to charge you for that convenience. These online ticket outlets have a not-so-convenient-charge, such as a $38.45 fee for buying Global Dance passes ($200) = ($238.45). That can buy you an entire bottle of decent pre-game liquids, a few beers and some food at the show and your favorite blunt to pass around to all your friends or some new gear from vendors at the show. This "convenience fee" is charged per each ticket purchased! Have you ever waited in line for your will call admission?! What a joke!!! Convenient? We don't think so. Come to The Root... get a physical ticket for your scrapbook, pay less, and don't wait in horrible will call lines to be admitted. Boulder County's ticket outlet is truly conveniently located at:

1121 Broadway Ste. 101, Boulder, CO80302  -  "on the Hill"