The Environmental Effects of the Growing CO Population

Three hundred and seventeen. That’s approximately how many gallons of water the average Coloradan uses in just three days according to the USGS Water Science School. It’s the average cost of only five days of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Denver as reported by Trulia. And it’s the name of the bear that was put down in October 2015 that Daily Camera reported had roamed too closely too many times into Boulder county. What do all these have in common? The increasing population growth in Colorado. With the numbers of people relocating to the area, our already maxed out water supplies will begin to run dry, housing prices and living costs will skyrocket, and urban sprawl will take over more land that was once natural habitats, confusing and displacing wild animals. Our environment, from natural resources to the fragile ecosystem and infrastructure, is showing signs of the negative effects of the expanding populace.

What Is Food To You?

The more I learn, research, and coach, the more I am amazed at the power of food! It’s packed with meaning, information, communication. Every food decision we make sends a message to our body. Every food choice is an opportunity to direct, shape, and remake our health, our body composition, our performance, and our wellbeing. Food is not just about science.